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Documentary\Movie Productions:
India is land of colours and culture diversity, lots of Indian festivals, the different geographical region give documentary filmmakers a perfect choice to film in India and we can provide the full production support while shooting in India!

Budgeting & Scheduling:
Once we received your scripts or details or storyboards, we will evaluate the total budget and send you the estimates within 24 hrs along with guidelines and location suggestions!

Post Production Studios:
The most modern state of art post production studios facilities is available 24×7 days, editing on SMOKE or FCP, special effects or 3d animations, telecine or di , dubbing or titling!

Studios & Private Property Hire:
If you want to shoot in any of the movie in studios or Ramoji film city where more than five hundred readymade locations are available or any private property that can be arranged at a very short notice!

Music video production:
We can provide you total production solution for your new music video; recording studios with most modern infrastructures for music composing and song recording are available 24X7!

Corporate / Industrial Filmmakers:
Cine Dreams ® can make corporate film or industrial video for your company that can boost the company a corporate image! We provide one-stop production solution to your corporate identity!

Talent Casting Agency:
India has most talented actors available and not just that many foreign models and dancers are available here. For secondary casting, you don’t have to bring them that save a lot of budgets!

News Agency:
We can produce a local news story for your tv news channel or shoot an interview!

Live Shows & Event Coverage:
We cover all kinds of live shows, awards functions, events and gathering!

Celebrity Management & Brand Endorsement:
If you need any celebrity for functions, showroom opening, brand or product endorsement we have a direct approach to most of Bollywood celebrity who can appear to you!

Stock Footage India:
We can arrange different genre of stock footage and stock photos about India, Indian culture, various Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, different kind of jungles, forts, Khajuraho temples, taj mahal, Hindu temples, prominent location like India gate,gateway of india, red fort as well as different Indian people like Punjabi Sikh, Indian Muslims, Hindus, Jain monks, Himalayas, Indian Naga sadhu, holy dip at Ganga river, cities establish shots,Camel Safari, Gipsy People, Indian Tribal People,  Bollywood Films and Dance Sequences like Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Theyyam, Indian Musical Instruments like Dholak, Veena, Chap, Shehnai, Sitar, Bansuri etc.

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